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In 2014, we will be celebrating our 119th anniversary of serving the Goshen community. Included below is a brief history of our fellowship.
 We are in the process of researching additional sources and more updates will come in the near future. 
We hope you enjoy this look back on the history of our church as we also look forward to a bright future of serving our Lord.

Pastors of Goshen Baptist Church


W.A. Cumbie


W.C. Avant


G.W. Harrison


R.A.G. Cumbie


R.M. Hunter


E.G. Finn


W.R. Rigell


J. H. Hand


J. W. Wheeler


J.C. Hill


S.W. Burroughs


W.C. Kirkland


E.P. Smith


C.L. Eiland


J. B. Mamric


W.T. Davidson


G.D. Everett


Cecil Wood (Interim)


J. L. Hogan


Chester Quarles


W. D. Vickery


G. L. Sorrell


W.T. Davidson


Duane Day


Billy Nutt


Charles Ingle


Neal Jackson


Edward B. Hood, Jr.


William R. Morgan


Merlin Morris


Alvin Harms (Interim)


Robert Butler


Cephas Phillips (Interim)


Stephen Carson


James Kingry (Interim)


William O. Billingsley


David Zorn


Jared Buchanan  

In August of 1895 there was a brush arbor meeting held in the village of Goshen by an itinerant preacher named Carter.  As a result of this meeting a church building was started in September of 1895, and named Goshen Baptist Church.

Members cut and hauled logs to a saw mill operated by Mr. T J. Sharpless where the lumber was prepared for construction of the church.  The lot was donated by Dr. Davis.  They all worked together and erected the first building of Goshen Baptist Church, located on the same lot of as the building today.

Surrounded by large oaks, the bell would ring from the tall belfry each Sunday for many years.  With pews made of wide heavy planks, deacons, in their black suits, white shirts, tall black hats, and long grey beards, sat to the right of the pulpit and the choir to the left on a raised platform.  In those days the service was very reverent and there was no talking after on entering the church.  There were no Sunday school rooms at first, but sections of the church were curtained off for classes.  Later rooms were added to the back of the church for Sunday school classes.

Between 1949-53 under the leadership of their pastor W. T. Davidson; the church decided to build a new church building.  A variety of projects were used to finance the new building.  One was for members (most of them farmers) to allocate one acre “The Lord’s Acre”, lupine was to be planted, threshed, and sold.  The money was given to help build the church.  The men also cut and hauled lumber to the saw mill and exchanged them for lumber to be used in the building. Working together with Hollis Sanders, as the head carpenter, and Bert Sanders as chairman, the building was erected. Once finished, the old building was torn down and the new educational annex, and recreational room were added.  It was said it was one of the most beautiful rural churches in the state.  The building was completed on 1953 and on June 2, 1953 the church was dedicated to the service of God. Brother Davidson and his wife retired from the minister in 1956.  However he preached his last sermon in Goshen Baptist on his 80th birthday!

In 1958 Goshen Baptist Church launched another building program – that of building a pastorium. 15,000 board feet of logs was pledged. The men of the church were to donate free labor. In January 1958 the church members gathered at the site of the pastorium for the ground breaking service led my Pastor Day.

Between 1971 and March of 1974 the steeple and front porch were added to the existing building.

Between 1978 and 1979 a newly equipped nursery was made possible through memorial contributions.  Pew Cushions were added also in 1978 along with new hymnals.

In 1983 the Brotherhood purchased a piece of property behind the church. A recreational center was constructed.

In 1986 the Mural in the baptistery was commissioned in memory of B.L. Sanders.

In 1987 the church began another building program to add a new fellowship hall.  This would include a kitchen, classrooms, and restrooms.  Dedication was on June 28, 1987.
In 1988 the pastorium was renovated.

In 1992, the current sanctuary was renovated with new carpet, stained glass windows, new lighting, and a new curtain for the baptistery.


Several people have answered the call to the Ministry from Goshen:  W. O. Sanders, Butch Wells, Marvin Jackson, Kenneth Baggett and Mack Sporman have been ordained as Ministers.  Ricky Shirley and Kirby Sanders have been ordained into the Music Ministry.

The Lord continues to bless this church and congregation.



Chairman of the Deacons ~ Mike Redmon
Music Minister ~ Tim Dowdy
Pianist ~ Debbie Adair
Pianist ~ Kathy Dowdy

98 Church Street
Goshen, Alabama 36035